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Since 1991 VERNE has been the creative pact of Eugeen and Herman, photographers with a consummate passion for all photographic disciplines.

In VERNE INTERIORS their strong eye for architecture and design, love of textiles and furniture and inquisitive minds – always searching for creative people with exiting interiors – come together.


More then two decades of experience has resulted in reportages spanning the globe and a strong professional team, which has worked with a broad range of top producers, stylists, models and writers. Testimony to this is a great range of publications in leading national and international magazines such as Elle Decoration (UK, Japan, Russia, The Netherlands, Italy), Vogue Australia, Casa Abitare, Eigen Huis en Interieur, Architektur & Wohnen and many others.


Verne regularly contributes to publications by Taschen, Lannoo, Conran Octopus and Ebury Press. They have bundled the interiors that inspired them most in their book “Wish You Were Here”, as they often visit places that are not just beautiful but have remarkable character, created by people who wish to inspire others. Sometimes made with expensive means, at times with simple recycled materials, but always imbued with passion.


Last but not least is their dedication to commercial interior design work. Eugeen and Herman eat, breath and sleep interior design, always on the ball about the latest design fairs, designers and publications, following trends meticulously, trends they are often involved in creating. Their clients (Akso Nobel, Brutex, B&B Italia, Bulo, Durlet amongst others) savour the fruit of labour, their creativity and work ethics.


Verne is intensively involved in the creative process, and has surrounded itself with the best technicians, a team of location scouts, stylists and producers that is at the disposal of art directors and their clients.

Verne are team players, devoted to delivering the best to their clients. Do not hesitate to contact us for information, advice and prices. We are at your disposal.